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The Pyrenees. City of Bayonn. Practical data.

Bayonna. Arrival. The station is in Bayonn in a quarter Saint-Espri on the turnaround river bank Adur, 10 minutes of walking from the centre through Saint-Espri Bridge. The tourists bureau is located 5 minutes to the West from a town hall, on Baskov Read More

Norway. Main data.

Norway. In many respects Norway is represented the novel earth. Still the country seems the remote corner of Europe. The most part of tourists, not including Oslo and eminent fjords, do not know more than anything. Huge places in the North and the East Read More

The district of Edinburgh – the Old city.

Main data The central highway of the Old city - paved Royal mile (Royal Mile) - includes Castlehill, Lawnmarket, High St, Canongate and lasts from the lock (Castle) (ежедн. 9. 30-17. 00/18. 00, 8, 50 ф. the Art.) to a palace Holirudkhaus (Holyroodhouse Read More

Northern England-Liverpool.

The Beatles homeland The main transatlantic port of Britain and the city of the country Liverpool 2nd for size in post-war years very for a long time is no time fought against difficulties. Eventually the situation became better finally than economic Read More