To the West from Sining. Whether the tourist map of China

is necessary here To the West from Sining. Whether the tourist map of China

The tourist map of China will show, how not enough places interesting to travellers in the States of Qinghai to the West from Sining. The plateau towering above sea level on 3000 m, is very high in order that here it was possible to live agriculture, and settlements here practically are not present. The unique people who usually lived in these edges, shepherds of yaks. It is not surprising that directly here the Chinese authorities have decided to arrange Academy of research and development of the nuclear tool in what in the 1960-1970th the 1st nuclear and hydrogen bombs have been made. The centre is located in standing on the highway and the metal road, in 90 km from Sining, to Hayan (nicknamed locals «the nuclear city»), only not so long since open for arrival. Your travel to China can proceed in this city, round in Hayan can be ordered at though what of Sining tour operators.
The main sight of edge is not it, and lying approximately in 150 km to the West from Sining bolshushchy and almost salty lake not touched by a civilisation to Tsinkhaykh, the area about the smallest sea – a monastery for thousand birds. From the lake the desert highway and the railway last in Golmud – the unique more or less big city on km hundred parts around. If you decide to rent rooms in China or тормознуть in hotel in Golmuda, be not late for a long time here. Tourists in China are more inclined to consider this city as printsipny transport knot for travel by land, connected by bus service not only to Sining, well both Lhasa in Tibet and Dunkhuan on the Great Silk way.

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