North. Чиенгмай. Vat Jett Yot – the Thai temple

North. Чиенгмай. Vat Jett Yot - the Thai temple

If you have arrived to Thailand for a week, visit located at the route Superhighway, in 5 minutes of walking to the West from a museum, the silent temple in an environment of gardens called in honour of «seven spikes» its unusual smoke. You will always find what to look in Thailand. Round the base smoke the inimitable plaster statues, representing deities with the crossed feet which serenely soar in the sky are located, setting an example to all flying yogas. Say that their persons — it faces of relatives of king Tilok. Vat Jett Yot – the temple of Thailand, has been constructed in 1455 by king Tilok and symbolises seven places round the temple Bodkh Gaya in India which the Buddha has visited in seven weeks after own enlightenment.

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